The dates of this year's meeting are about four weeks after the summer solstice. At that time there will be about 18.5 hours of daylight in the Talkeetna area each day during the meeting -- but note that many visitors find the other 5.5 hours of the day are not dark enough to deserve to be called "night". (Note: since sunrise is before 5 am during the entire meeting, even if there is popular demand we will not be having "sunrise breakfast meetings".) This will allow participants ample opportunity outside the scheduled program for recreational activities. One or more hikes will be organized within the area during the Saturday of the meeting, and meeting attendees are encouraged to take advantage of the range of opportunities in the area.

Average temperatures in July for Talkeetna are expected to range from highs of 20 C (68 F) to lows of 10 C (50 F), although the record high and record low for the month are 25 C (77 F) and 8 C (46 F), respectively. There is an average of 80 mm (3+") of rainfall during that month. Weather can range from sunny to overcast, frequently several times per day. Participants are advised to pack accordingly; the local organizing committee suggests "layering" and strongly advises a good waterproof, hooded raincoat.

The local organizing committee can give some limited assistance to participants who wish to take the opportunity of being in the great state of Alaska by extending their trip, either before or after the meeting.